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edukick international soccer boarding schools and camps

edukick england and glasgow rangers footballer miguel homutenya
Edukick Alumni!

Former EduKick Madrid Player signed with the notorious Scottish squad Glasgow Rangers at 19 years of age.

edukick language immersion soccer boarding school
edukick language immersion soccer boarding school
edukick language immersion soccer boarding school
edukick language immersion soccer boarding school
Program Highlights

study and learn German in Germany  German
study and learn Spanish in Spain or Mexico  Spanish
study and learn Hebrew in Isreal  Hebrew
study and learn Portuguese in Brazil  Portuguese
study and learn French in Cannes France  French
study and learn Italian in Perugia Italy  Italian
study and learn Russian  Russian
study and learn Chinese in China  Chinese
study and learn Japanese in Japon  Japanese
study and learn Korean  Korean

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edukick language immersion soccer boarding school
edukick language immersion soccer boarding school
edukick language immersion soccer boarding school
edukick language immersion soccer boarding school
edukick language immersion soccer boarding school

EduKick Manchester England International Soccer Academies

EduKick England Manchester Junior Year Long Program


Welcome to the EduKick Manchester Residential and Football Program

Manchester Football Club
EduKick England Manchester Junior Year.
EduKick Manchester Academy Year Long Football and High School program provides 41 weeks of services and is designed for males only aged 14, 15 & 16 years old. There is one natural break in the program for the Christmas Holiday season when participants leave to return home. Participants will attend academic classes at our affiliate private school Hulme Hall Grammar daily Monday - Friday covering the UK National Curriculum. Three (3) afternoons per week participants will be transported between Hulme Hall and our training facility to participate in our intense football (soccer) training session with our UEFA qualified coaching staff as well as participate in our weekly matches. There are 4 break periods during the academic calendar for a total of 6 weeks when the participant will take a break from Hulme Hall but will still live with their host families. During the academic break weeks participants will receive 5 days per week of intense football (soccer) training sessions with our UEFA qualified coaching staff in the afternoons.

All participants will be accommodated with host families local to Hulme Hall Grammar School.

2016/17 School Calendar:

  • 7th September - Term 1 begins (First day of School)
  • 21st October - Half Term break begins (2 weeks of football/soccer only commences)
  • 7th November - Term 1 continues (full program of academics and football/soccer activities)
  • 21st December - Christmas/New Year Holiday begins
  • 9th January - Term 2 begins
  • 17th February - Half Term break begins (1 week of football/soccer only commences)
  • 27th February - Term 2 continues (full program of academics and football/soccer activities)
  • 31st March - Term 2 ends (2 weeks of football/soccer only commences)
  • 18th April - Term 3 begins
  • 27th May - Half Term break begins (1 week of football/soccer only commences)
  • 5th June - Term 3 continues (full program of academics and football/soccer activities)
  • 7th July - Term 3 ends (Last day of School)
  • Welfare support and guidance

Course Fees include:

  • Accommodation with a local English host family (see accommodation tab for full details)
  • Airport Transfers upon Arrival & Departure at the start/end of the course and during the Christmas/New Year holiday break
  • Student medical/travel insurance for the duration of stay
  • Insertion to our affiliate private school Hulme Hall Grammar
  • Daily classes following the covering the UK National Curriculum GCSE study (see education tab for detailed information)
  • Hulme Hall school uniform (Blazer, Tie, Jumper (sweater), White School shirts x 3, Trousers (pants), Socks x 5 pairs
  • Structured football coaching 3 afternoons per week with EduKick UEFA qualified coaching staff
  • Private bus transportation between Hulme Hall Grammar School and EduKick training facility
  • 1x football (soccer) excursion per school term - watch a professional match, visit a professional club Academy for a coaching session, etc.
  • UK Football (Soccer) Trials - Twice per school year participants are entered into a one day trial event attended by UK professional club scouts
  • Football (soccer) evaluation progress reports every 6 weeks
  • Online player profile/CV
  • EduKick training kit package - 2x Jerseys, 2x shorts, 2x socks, 2x tracksuits, 1x wet top, 1x polo shirt and 1x hooded top.
  • Breakfast & Evening meal provided by host family
  • Lunch provided at Hulme Hall Grammar School
  • Visa support letters subject to requirements and acceptance
  • Welfare support and guidance
  • 24 hour on call helpline

    Note: Local travel between the host family and Hulme Hall Grammar school is not included

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Located in the Manchester, England

Manchester City Football Club
EduKick England located in beautiful Manchester, England.

Manchester is a city and metropolitan borough in Greater Manchester, England, with an estimated population of 503,000. Manchester is situated in the south-central part of North West England, fringed by the Cheshire Plain to the south and the Pennines to the north and east. The city is notable for its architecture, culture, music scene, media links, scientific and engineering output, social impact and sporting connections. Manchester is served by two universities, including the largest single-site university in the UK, and has the country's third largest urban economy. Manchester is also the third-most visited city in the UK by foreign visitors, after London and Edinburgh, and the most visited in England outside London. Mancunians as they are known are very proud that the City host two of the most worldwide known English Premiership teams Manchester United and Manchester City.

EduKick Manchester Training Complex

Located in the North end of the City the complex comprises:

  • 1x Fitness Suite (Cardiovascular, Resistance/strength, Cable and Free weights)
  • 1x Full size third generation artificial turf field
  • 1x 7v7 third generation artificial turf field
  • 4x 5v5 third generation artificial turf fields
  • 11x Full size natural grass fields
  • Changing rooms/showers
  • Meeting room

Hulme Hall Grammar School

Hulme Hall is located in Cheadle Hulme Greater Manchester. HH has an excellent reputation for providing a friendly, warm and positive atmosphere in which all pupils thrive and succeed. small class sizes, high quality teaching and superb enrichment programmes ensure that HH provide the best possible educational journey for every pupil.

The school facilities comprise:

  • 400 Seat Theatre with all sound and light equipment
  • Art & Craft Room
  • Design & Technology Workshop
  • Science Labs
  • Computer Rooms
  • Music Rooms
  • Indoor Gymnasium & Sports Court
  • Outdoor all weather pitch (3 5aside and 1 hockey pitch/1 Tennis Court)
  • Library
  • Classrooms
  • Home Economics Room with full catering facilities
  • Fully Working Kitchen and Dining Room
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Hulme Hall Grammar School

Manchester City Football Club
EduKick academy players just out of the classroom and onto the pitch!

Hulme Hall Grammar School covers the UK National Core Curriculum subjects:

  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Science
  • Information Technology
  • Personal, Social, Health & Economic Education (PSHE)
  • Physical Education & Sport

Mathematics - Mathematics is taught in a progressive department which comprises dedicated staff with a wealth of experience. Every child studies this core subject throughout the school and becomes familiar with key aspects of the Mathematics syllabus such as using and applying mathematics, number, algebra, shapes, space & measures and data handling. Every child leaves the school with an appreciation of how Mathematics works in a practical sense in the wider world.

English - Pupils always produce excellent results in English at Hulme Hall. This is due to the combination of exciting study material and dynamic teaching. A broad range of genres are covered, featuring poetry old and new, classic novels and Shakespearian plays. The creative child will be encouraged to develop a love of the written and spoken word which will be apparent in their own writing. This broad, balanced curriculum will provide the building blocks for examination skills, study and success. Having access to a well stocked library also makes the accessing of reading material and research material an enjoyable pastime.

Science - The three principle areas of Science: Chemistry, Physics and Biology are taught independently in the school by subject specialists. Practical work and demonstration experiments are introduced to provide maximum impact and understanding. This "hands-on” approach makes the acquisition of basic skills a natural process and furthers the pupils' appreciation of "How Science Works”

Personal, Social, Health & Economic Education - Personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) education has in various forms been part of the National Curriculum for schools in UK since 2000. Some aspects, but not all, have been compulsory. PSHE education is defined by the schools inspectorate Ofsted as a planned program to help children and young people develop fully as individuals and as members of families and social and economic communities. Its goal is to equip young people with the knowledge, understanding, attitudes and practical skills to live healthily, safely, productively and responsibly.

Physical Education & Sport - The School aims to recognize and develop talents and skills in every child, knowing that sporting success can further academic achievement as well as providing enrichment to an already rewarding experience. At Hulme Hall there is never a shortage of sporting successes, inside and outside of school. Both individual and team sports form an important part of life at the school.

Harnessing the competitive spirit is a key aspect of the school's philosophy of educating the complete person. Inter-school competitions are a regular in football, cross country, tug of war, rounders, cricket and athletics. Other sports are introduced to coincide with the sporting calendar: athletics, cross-country and tennis.

Winning the 2007 Under 16 Football League is just one example of the commitment shown to sports by the school and recognition of sporting talent. The School makes use of local, international standard facilities for a range of sports, including swimming, badminton, tennis and squash.

Year 10 and Year 11 GCSE exam subjects

Students entering school at the start of Year 10 (at 14 years of age) or Year 11 (at 15 years of age) will be studying towards taking 6 GCSE exams during May / June of Year 11.

These subjects are:
  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Double Science
  • Student Choice #1 (HH will provide a list of subject that the student can choose from)
  • Student Choice #2 (HH will provide a list of subject that the student can choose from)


There are 2 accommodation options available.

Manchester City Football Club
Participants have the option of living with a host family or at the private City Center Self-catoring Student Residence.

Host families are managed by our welfare officer who ensures each placement provides a safe, secure and nurturing environment for our participants. Students are welcomed into the host home home and live as part of the family for the duration of the program experiencing the English lifestyle. All host families are different and where possible we place two participants in the same host family so each student will have a companion to share daily life with.


HOST FAMILY - All of our host families are carefully selected and experienced with long term international student care. Please note that students are expected to share a room with fellow students at host families depending upon number of participants attending the junior course and availability of appropriate host families. Participants will sometimes find themselves having a bedroom by themselves but this cannot be requested. Students are expected to travel independently to/from Hulme Hall Grammar School using public transport. Whilst settling in at the new host families, students will be advised on the best and safest way to travel. The cost per week of travel to the students can ranged from ÂŁ20 - ÂŁ35 per week dependent upon location of the selected host family. EduKick will select the host family first and foremost bassed upon welfare, safety and security and location second although we will endeavour to have the host family no longer than 20 minutes journey from Hulme Hall.

England Soccer Academies with Manchester City


  • Twin bedroom accommodation (Single rooms are sometimes available but are not guaranteed)
  • Two (2) meals per day Monday to Friday (breakfast & Evening Meal)
  • Three meals per day Saturday and Sunday (breakfast, lunch & Evening Meal)
  • One (1) Load of washing per week
  • A house door entrance key to allow you to have access when needed
  • WIFI is provided

England Soccer Academies with Manchester City


At EduKick Manchester we are very proud of our standard of host families. We have taken time to find the best possible families to welcome you and look after you during your stay. We hope that you will have a happy and memorable time with your host family.

They have a responsibility to try and make you feel welcome. You also have a responsibility to be a good guest!

What to expect from your host family accommodation:


    In the host family

  • Do not Keep food in your room
  • Do not Wash your own clothes and try to dry them in your room
  • Do not Use the telephone/computer without permission
  • Do Not Damage or vandalise any property in any way
  • Do Not Have visitors without permission
  • Use of bad language is strictly prohibited
  • Always treat your hosts respectfully
  • Always be home by curfew unless pre-arranged with the host family. If you are not home by this time and the host family/welfare officer have not heard from you your family will be alerted and this will trigger the on call team to look for you.
  • Always inform your host family of your movements on a daily basis. Failure to do so will result in the on call team looking for you and could lead to suspension from the program.

Please note: in cases of damage, vandalism or the on call team being alerted, students are held responsible, and will have to pay for damage/time accordingly and could face suspension or expulsion from the program.
England Soccer Academies with Manchester City


It is illegal in England for:

  • Anyone under the age of 18 to buy alcohol
  • Anyone under the age of 18 to buy cigarettes

*Note - the use of Alcohol, cigarettes and drugs is strictly prohibited by EduKick Manchester. Any student regardless of age caught using alcohol, cigarettes or drugs will face immediate expulsion from the program.
England Soccer Academies with Manchester City


Your local host family has been carefully selected to ensure that you get the maximum benefit from this unique English language and football experience.

However, please remember that you are going to be living as a guest in another family's home. You will meet all members of the family and will be living along side them for the duration of your visit. The information below is designed to help you integrate as easily and quickly as possible, make you into a super guest and so make the most of this experience.

Remember, most host families and their students form a genuine friendship that can last for the rest of their lives!

  • Take some photos from home to introduce you and the rest of your family to your new guest family. They will be delighted to learn where you are from. Maps, photos and brochures of your neighbourhood and home town are also really useful to break the ice at the start of your stay.
  • Make an effort to ask about your new family, their interests and hobbies
  • Find out when you are allowed to use the bathroom in the mornings and evenings and when are the regular family mealtimes.
  • Volunteer to take your turn helping with family chores e.g. washing up, setting and clearing the table etc.
  • Try and keep your room and bed as tidy as possible.
  • Understand that English people may do things differently to what you are accustomed. It is also easier to misunderstand a situation when communicating in a foreign language. If you are unsure about something, ask your host family.
  • Finally, you must remember that English people may do things differently to what you are accustomed. It's also easier to misunderstand a situation when communicating in a foreign language. If you are unsure about something, ask your host family.

England Soccer Academies with Manchester City


For any illnesses please ask your host family to arrange an appointment at the local doctors surgery, they can register you as a guest in their home at the local surgery. Please contact the Principal or Welfare officer in case of illness or anything else which is causing concern. Changes of host family are only possible in exceptional circumstances.

England Soccer Academies with Manchester City


Daily football training with UEFA qualified coaches (Monday - Friday) minimum 2 hours per session

Soccer Academies
EduKick Manchester England Soccer Players.
Three afternoons per week during academic school term time and 5 times per week during academic school holidays students will participate in football training sessions with EduKick UEFA qualified coaches (Monday - Friday) minimum 2 hours per session. Training sessions are focused and tailored to develop each player both individually and all players collectively as a team technically and tactically targeting competitive fixtures. In the initial weeks of a program players will be tested and given feedback on areas for improvement. These tests will be repeated with targets set for each player on a regular basis. Players will be involved in football specific fitness work to improve stamina, strength and core stability which are vitally required attributes in the professional game. Players will learn about their own responsibilities in play along with teamwork shape and different systems of play. Players may experience different positions and coaches will try to find the optimum position and role in the games for players.

*Note: students will be transported by private bus from Hulme Hall direct to the Edukick training facility and returned to Hulme Hall during regular academic school terms. During the academic school holidays students have the option to choose to attend 5 afternoon training sessions at the EduKick Training facility with the senior group and if choosing this option are required to travel independently from their host family to our own City Centre located school from where return private transport to the training facility is provided.

Soccer Academies Training Available:

Competitive Friendly matches

Competitive Friendly matches - Games will be scheduled based upon the EduKick MANCHESTER squad's ability level to allow them to put into practice what they have worked on during the daily training sessions. These games are also an opportunity for our players to showcase their talent to the opponent coaches or watching scouts. Many of the opposing coaches from colleges also work part time in professional academies, therefore players can easily be noticed from these games and invited to attend individual trials. In addition to the regular weekly matches throughout the season we will schedule ‘target' fixtures where we will play against academies or youth teams from the professional clubs. Past examples of fixtures played are against Preston North End, Accrington Stanley, Bury FC, Manchester United Foundation team, Manchester City Shadow squad, Curzon Ashton, Barrow FC, Altringham FC along with many colleges and visiting touring teams in the Manchester area.

*Note: Juniors are included with our senior program participants to participate in matches when possible. Every effort will be made to schedule matches on designated Junior program training days but occasionally this will not be possible. If a game is scheduled for a Junior program none training day participation of Junior program participants will be at the discretion of the EduKick coaching staff and Hulme Hall teaching staff.

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England Soccer Academies with Manchester City

Guest coaching sessions with professional football clubs/coaches in the northwest giving you an opportunity to showcase your talent

During the program we invite ex professional players, current club coaches and highly experienced coaches from the UK to our training ground to conduct training sessions. These are a great opportunity not only to showcase a player's talent to the pros, but to see first-hand how the professional club coaches work and what they expect. Previous guest coaches include coaches from Blackburn Rovers, Burnley FC, ex-players from Preston, Manchester city and Manchester United along with current players and coaches from a variety of clubs on the PFA sessions. During the 2014/2015 season the players were coached by Manchester United star Michael Carrick.

Note: every effort will be made to book the guest coaching session on one of the 3 weekly training days but it cannot be guaranteed. If the guest session takes place on a non-training day it can only be attended by our senior players not junior program participants.

Entry into the UK football Trials in Manchester (2x during the Junior program Year)

Participants are able to showcase their talent in front of invited scouts from clubs at all levels of the football structure in the UK and playing alongside some top quality players in the trials. This is a real target for all players to get noticed. At UK football trials on average they have 12 - 15 different club scouts in attendance, all looking for players. When attending through us players also have the advantage of more information going to the scouts and the UK football trials placement officer. We submit player's information with notes on their progress throughout their time with us and previous achievements sometimes with links to their own player profile on our website. This information is provided to all scouts in attendance. Attending the trials twice gives our participants an initial opportunity to test out the trials and familiarise themselves with the environment and nature of the event then use the knowledge and feedback gained to build, prepare and focus on the second session. In recent history we have had EduKick players selected at the events for further club trials with Crewe Alexandra FC, Bury FC, Accrington Stanley FC, Everton FC and Witton Albion.

Guest speakers from the world of football & Sport (ADDITIONAL PURCHASE OPTION)

Throughout the course we invite guests to come into the academy to talk to players about their experiences, give advice or talk simply about how football and sport works in the UK. Along with this we invite guest speakers who could offer further opportunities to progress in soccer in the US on scholarships. These are a great insight into the game as a whole and are valuable learning tools for our participants. Previous guest speakers include heads of recruitment from Blackburn Rovers, Accrington Stanley & Everton, ex-players such as Jon Macken and Roberto Navajas, Colin Champers - professional scout, nutritionists who have worked with top players in the UK and USA scholarship programmes.

Six weekly Reports & Feedback

Each player and parent will receive a written six weekly report with information on their footballing progression, academic progression (if applicable) and attendance. These are vital for players to be able to assess where they currently stand and assess their goals and targets.

Online player profile/CV

Every player no matter the duration of their stay with us can have an online player profile which gives as much or as little information about them as they would like. These are the pages that the program newsletters get linked to if there is a particular news article on a player, they score a goal or they are player of the month. We have the ability to upload player highlights to these pages too. Through the season we have various social media pages to which information about the program and progress/success of players is posted daily. These social media pages are followed by thousands of people, shared by man including talent ID scouts, club recruitment officers and coaches. It is a great way to promote yourself so we encourage all players ot particpate and continually keep their information updated.

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England Soccer Academies with Manchester City


Warning! EduKick Manchester England Soccer Programs fill up quickly.

Save your spot and be on your way to becoming a better English speaker as well as a "top notch"soccer player.

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England Soccer Academies with Manchester City

SUCCESSES - EduKick Players Signing Professional Contracts

EduKick has over 15 years of success under its belt!

Manchester City Football Club
EduKick academy players turning professional!

Quinn Bredin, Canadav

Quinn has gone on to success back home after being selected for Vancouver whitecaps programme and being part of the Canadian National youth programme.

Quinn was invited to a Whitecaps camp Jan5 - 17th, 2015 and the trials went well and he was offered a place in their U18 Residency program. Quinn progressed well in the first few months the coaching staff feeding back that Quinn was excelling at a rapid pace and that he had become their strongest CB. Quinn's father commented "Being away from home so long and being a lot more mature than the typical 18 year old is helping the coaches see a long term strategy for Quinn”

In June Quinn was invited back for another year in 2016 and has been identified for the Vancouver pro-pathway program. He has more minutes than any other player since January and the coaches say he is the hardest working player according to their fitness monitoring and bleep tests. By April 2016 Quinn will know if there is a full professional contract offered for him to join first team in MLS or the second team who play in USL team.

Quinn has been listed as part of the Canada U-20 squad training to work towards the U-20 world cup in World Cup Korea Republic 2017

Eric Behrens, Germany

Eric signed for Championship club Derby County FC. Eric showed great potential in Manchester and first came to the attention of scouts at Platt lane complex, former home of the Manchester City youth academy. During September 2012, his first month on the programme with us Eric impressed the goalkeeper coaches of Manchester City that much that they invited him in to train with the club's academy goalkeepers on a regular basis. During this time Eric received some top class coaching from the city goalkeeper coaches in addition to training daily with the Edukick Manchester team and being our No 1 in matches. During the course of the programme Eric earned himself several opportunities going on trial with Aston Villa, before visiting Derby County FC. Derby straight away took to Eric with head of recruitment Craig Short saying he had come into the team and performed brilliantly. Eric spend several weeks travelling to Derby to join the team at weekends for matches, which in itself was a great experience for a 16 year old young player. After a few weeks of discussions Eric was offered a scholarship at the club and put pen to paper.

Carlos Mora, Spain

Carlos secured a trial with Premier League club Everton FC while with us here in Manchester. Carlos was performing well in EduKick training and matches and for his age was a massive 6 foot 1 in height which was an advantage for his goalkeeping position. Carlos held his own in the games against the older colleges and teams and was very consistent. Opposition team managers and coaches commented on the ability of Carlos and his first UK football trials session a few clubs were asking questions about him. It wasn't until the second trials session that Everton FC approached Edukick Manchester for details of Carlos and invited him for a trial. Unfortunately at that stage Carlos had sustained an ankle injury, which kept him from training for a few weeks, however he was determined to get back to full fitness as soon as possible and patient enough to ensure he recovered fully. After recovery Carlos attended first session at Finch Farm the training ground of Everton FC. He worked with the goalkeeper coach and the development group at the training ground and performed well, so much so he's been back several times for the coaching staff to keep an eye on his development.

Chafik Naceri, Algeria

Chafik graduated from EduKick Manchester and immediately signed a contract with Spanish side Alcorcon AD of the Spanish second division.

Chafik joined the EduKick Manchester team in January 2015 on the half year programme. His desire and drive was quickly seen by the coaches at EduKick and at the UK football trials. In the UK Chafik didn't get his break, however during the last few weeks of the programme in Manchester he got the call to head to Spain for trials where he impressed the coaches and team so much they signed him. During his trial period in Spain he played in friendly fixtures against Real Madrid and Getafe, which was a great experience for the young player. After signing Chafik contacted us here at EduKick to tell us all about it and thank the EduKick team for everything, saying they have helped him on his path to his dream.

Danny Turgeon, USA

Lawrence Hanna, Australia

Robert Otieno, Kenya

Jethro Pang, Hong Kongv

Accrington Stanley FC a partner club of Edukick Manchester recently requested 4 of our players head in for trials following the ASFC head of recruitment Dave Bailey keeping a watchful eye on their progress after standing out at the UK football trials events. For Lawrence it was not his first invitation, as a follow up to his initial trial after being asked along to the academy when Head of Recruitment spotted him in the Edukick V Accrington Stanley Target fixture. For Danny, head of recruitment Dave Bailey has kept an eye on him since first seeing him in training sessions back in 2014. Following that Dave worked with Danny to encourage him to progress and return to the UK with the Edukick programme, where he feels he has come on a great deal and now wanted to take a closer look with Accrington Stanley.Both Jethro and Robert were spotted by one of Dave's scouts at the UK football trials, an event that Edukick Manchester attends regularly with the players to give opportunities in the game. From here these two were picked out to go along to the next stage of trials with the club.

So for all four, it's a great opportunity to show their ability to the Accrington coaches, experience what a UK football academy is like and get extra coaching along the way.

Miguel Hamutenya, Namibia

Miguel currently plays professionally for Norwegian first division club Hönefoss BK. Since leaving the EduKick program Miguel signed a professional contract with Bnei Sakhnin of the Israel Premier League. After a successful season with Bnei Sakhnin Miguel then signed a contract subject to a successful work permit application with Glasgow Rangers of the Scottish premier division but unfortunately the work permit application was turned down so he could not continue with the then Scottish Champions so tried his luck in Norway where he established himself as a key member of the championship chasing Strommen FC team before securing a mom to his current club.

Ismail Zaan, Maldives

Zaan joined Edukick Manchester at the start of the 2014/2015 season, and as one of the youngest players on the program he really impressed. Zaan is a complete professional, both on the pitch and off the pitch, working hard in every aspect of the programme and being totally focused on success. During his year at EduKick Manchester, Zaan caught the eye of a few of the coaches during the PFA sessions at Blackburn Rovers, and the attention of the scouts during the UK football trials. Zaan's development during his first program was fantastic due to his ability to learn, take on board feedback and work hard to improve. All the work rewarded Zaan with the Young Player Of The Year award for 2014/2015 and then his efforts were rewarded during his summer break with him being selected for his National U16's side. During August 2015 Zaan travelled to the SAFF U16's Championships in Bangladesh where he represented and captained the Maldives.

In their warm up games, they have been doing well, with a 5-1 victory and Zaan getting on the score sheet.

Cristian Cantero, Puerto Rico

Christian was recently selected for his full men's national side, Puerto Rico in a friendly V Canada.Christian proved he was one of our most committed players over the two year period he was with us working hard and developing tremendously along the way. At the end of his time with EduKick whilst Christian hadn't secured a UK football contract he had achieved outstandingly in his academics and looked to progress returning to the UK the following year with our partner college Myerscough to complete a foundation degree in sports coaching. Whilst doing this Christian continued with his football, playing a little with a local non-league side Bamber Bridge and keep up with his training.All that hard work finally paid off when Christian returned home and received his call up. A great achievement for Christian, representing his country at the game he loves.

Carlos Acuna, Venezuela

Carlos is currently part of Trujillanos FC U20 squad. Trujillanos FC are a professional club in the Primera DivisiĂłn in Venezuela. Carlos attended the EduKick Manchester and was a valuable part of the of the Edukick team. His performances in training and games were always top level and he showed that he had ability in every training session. During his time in Manchester Carlos studies English and became very proficient and fluent. After leaving the Edukick program for the Christmas break to head back home to Venezuela Carlos had trials with several clubs near his home town and decided to accept Trujillanos's offer instead of returning to the UK and now he is living his dream.

Sam Zimmermann, Switzerland

During his EduKick program Sam was spotted and offered a trail to join Peterborough United for pre-season training but after completing his Edukick program decided he wanted to concentrate on his University education closer to home. Sam went on to represent Liechtenstein Under 21's in the Euro qualifiers and played semi-professionally with F.C. EmmenbrĂŒcke before moving on to SC Kriens in the Swiss third division. After completing 2 years of University Education Sam has move to California playing division 1 football for State University Bakersfield.


EduKick Manchester England Soccer Academies Dates & Fees.

Soccer Boarding Schools
EduKick England Manchester Junior Year Dates and Fees.

EduKick England Manchester Junior Year Dates & Fees

EduKick Program Fees

EduKick England Manchester Junior Year

September - July
(41 weeks of services)

Request Program Fees Here >>

England Soccer Academies with Manchester City


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Soccer Boarding Schools
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You really cannot afford to miss out on this incredible opportunity. These English programs fill up quickly.

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Manchester Junior Year Long Program.

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Get started right now and become a better football player by training internationally in Manchester, England while broadening your horizons studying and speaking English with Britts, and becoming a better, well-rounded person by experiencing the Manchester, England culture. All this by simply joining up with EduKick's amazing Manchester England Junior Year Long Program in the soccer hot spot of Manchester, England.

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England Soccer Academies with Manchester City

Posted Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Why EduKick?

Established international football icons such as France National Team Coach Michel Hidalgo, Spain National Team Coach Luis Aragones, Belgian's champions Anderlecht, Standard Liege, and Dutch National Team player Arie Haan, Brazil's Belo Horizonte's Cruzeiro Esporte Clube, Perugia, Italy's Bruno Redolfi, Barclay's English Premier League's Manchester Football Club, England National Team, AC Milan, Real Madrid player, and MLS champions LA Galaxy's Beckham, or Colombia Assistant National Team Coach Leonel Alvarez all support EIFA's "Football and Education" philosophy. EIFA - EduKick International Football Academies.

EduKick Inc., since its inception in 2001, has catered to youths and student athletes 10 to 17 and adults 18 to 24 years old, the world's top rated international academic year soccer boarding schools and residential international soccer academies and futbol camps located in Madrid, Spain; Perugia, Italy; football academy and soccer camps in Manchester, England; football academy and soccer camps in Cannes, France; escuelas de futbol in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico; soccer camps in Toronto, Canada; futebol academies in Belo Horizonte, Brazil; soccer schools and football academies in Europe, including language immersion study soccer programs in the world today. You can't afford to miss this opportunity. Here's how to become an EduKick team member.


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Our Mission: To operate the world's leading international soccer/football and education academy boarding schools; building strong business relationships in a vibrant, creative and ethical international football environment. To teach, inspire and create the best technical footballers possible and create international students with inter-cultural competence (ICC) enabling them to compete in the modern competitive world.

Based in Toronto, Canada, EduKick Inc.'s (EIFA) world famous international football boarding schools were founded in 2001 by ex-professional American footballer Joey Bilotta to provide international soccer players football and education academy courses worldwide.

EduKick's website features a wide selection of top-of-the-line academic year (year-long) international football academies, month long football courses, professional club soccer trial program, and residential soccer camps with training provided by world-class football coaches, and teams from around the world. You want to be the best? Then you have to train with the best. EduKick has been the best for 10 years and running! There's one simple reason we have the best international football academies and residential soccer camps on the planet:


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