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edukick international soccer boarding schools and camps

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edukick international soccer boarding schools and camps

edukick england and glasgow rangers footballer miguel homutenya
Edukick Alumni!

Former EduKick Madrid Player signed with the notorious Scottish squad Glasgow Rangers at 19 years of age.

edukick language immersion soccer boarding school
edukick language immersion soccer boarding school
edukick language immersion soccer boarding school
edukick language immersion soccer boarding school
Program Highlights

study and learn German in Germany  German
study and learn Spanish in Spain or Mexico  Spanish
study and learn Hebrew in Isreal  Hebrew
study and learn Portuguese in Brazil  Portuguese
study and learn French in Cannes France  French
study and learn Italian in Perugia Italy  Italian
study and learn Russian  Russian
study and learn Chinese in China  Chinese
study and learn Japanese in Japon  Japanese
study and learn Korean  Korean

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edukick language immersion soccer boarding school
edukick language immersion soccer boarding school
edukick language immersion soccer boarding school
edukick language immersion soccer boarding school
edukick language immersion soccer boarding school

EduKick is the FIRST and the BEST. The ORIGINAL and most experienced Soccer & Education Boarding School company now in its 16th year of providing the soccer experience of a lifetime. First started back in 2001, EduKick now has over a decade and a half of experience operating safe, secure and nurturing academic year soccer schools to international student-footballers from across the globe. With nearly 800 videos posted on YOU TUBE of our eight Soccer Academy locations around the world, it's there for everyone to click and witness for themselves...EduKick, where FOOTBALL IS OUR LIFE!

real madrid goalkeeper iker casillas
EduKick Madrid Soccer Boarding School player, Sergio Petre, meets Spanish soccer star, Iker Casillas (Real Madrid CF & veteran Spanish National Team goalkeeper) at the Spanish Futbol Federation's Ciudad del Futbol

In all EduKick Summer Soccer Camp venues players are received upon arrival in the foreign country airport by EduKick adult bilingual staff.

Our soccer schools & soccer travel camps provide professional soccer training combined with quality language instruction and chaperoned cultural excursions in order to maximize the young person's overall experience abroad.

EduKick "Soccer Team Tours" are designed to allow "complete teams" to enjoy the EduKick soccer experience abroad. Coaches travel for free! Interested teams, group leaders, or individual players from the USA or Canada should contact us today so that we can begin your Customized Fundraising Campaign to offset costs!

EduKick, Inc. offers youth soccer players, teams, and other young athletes 10-24 years of age unique "Summer Soccer Camps" and "Individual" Language & Culture high-level Soccer Camps unlike any others. EduKick programs combine language study, cultural immersion and intense soccer training in order to maximize each player's overall time abroad.

By placing equal emphasis on language study, culture immersion, and professional soccer training, EduKick distinguishes itself as one of the most unique and rewarding camps available to young soccer players.

EduKick players live in the selected country and are totally immersed in its language and culture for the duration of the three-week summer program (14 days in our "Elite" camps in Spain or England or for 7 days during our "Individual" Mexico Program).

Participating soccer players can expect to develop their language skills considerably through our daily language classes taught by Native accredited language teachers and improve their soccer skills immensely by participating in our intense, daily professional soccer trainings sessions.

EduKick players learn about the foreign country's culture and people, attend organized youth social activities, make new friends, and acquire a sense of confidence in themselves for having traveled independently abroad to study and play soccer with the EduKick Team!

"Year-Long" Soccer Boarding School Programs - Spend a year abroad at one of our Soccer Boarding Schools in the USA, Europe, Mexico or Brazil!

Apply to spend a year abroad in the USA, Europe, Mexico or Brazil with EduKick's Language Immersion "year-long" and "half-year" soccer development boarding school programs (interested candidates must qualify).

Language Immersion "Year-Long" & "Half Year" Soccer Development Boarding School Programs

The Football/Soccer Boarding School programs, available in Spain, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, France, the USA & England, are specialization courses created to develop and evaluate the technical potential of young soccer players.

These programs are for serious players 13-24 years old that aspire toward playing in college or professionally.

The number of available places in these unique programs is limited (only 25 allowed yearly in each country).

Qualifying/Registration for 2017-18 is underway!

Call us toll-free today at 1-866-EduKick or direct at 1-905-469-5661 to express your interest or with any questions.

Join our EduKick Team in one of our Summer or "Individual" Language Immersion Soccer Camps for the "Language & Culture Soccer Experience of a Lifetime!"

Soccer Program Highlights Include:

  • Welcoming Party
  • Daily Language Instruction
  • Language lessons are fun, focus on situational & conversational learning
  • Two chaperoned excursions to places of cultural and historical interest
  • Daily professional soccer instruction by FIFA licensed foreign coaches
  • Organized "friendly" soccer matches
  • Professional soccer training facilities
  • Organized inter-cultural youth socials (city tours, BBQ's, dances)
  • And much more...

"The Language & Culture Soccer Experience of a Lifetime"


Posted Saturday, December 17, 2016

Why EduKick?

Established international football icons such as France National Team Coach Michel Hidalgo, Spain National Team Coach Luis Aragones, Belgian's champions Anderlecht, Standard Liege, and Dutch National Team player Arie Haan, Brazil's Belo Horizonte's Cruzeiro Esporte Clube, Perugia, Italy's Bruno Redolfi, Barclay's English Premier League's Manchester Football Club, England National Team, AC Milan, Real Madrid player, and MLS champions LA Galaxy's Beckham, or Colombia Assistant National Team Coach Leonel Alvarez all support EIFA's "Football and Education" philosophy. EIFA - EduKick International Football Academies.

EduKick Inc., since its inception in 2001, has catered to youths and student athletes 10 to 17 and adults 18 to 24 years old, the world's top rated international academic year soccer boarding schools and residential international soccer academies and futbol camps located in Madrid, Spain; Perugia, Italy; football academy and soccer camps in Manchester, England; football academy and soccer camps in Cannes, France; escuelas de futbol in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico; soccer camps in Toronto, Canada; futebol academies in Belo Horizonte, Brazil; soccer schools and football academies in Europe, including language immersion study soccer programs in the world today. You can't afford to miss this opportunity. Here's how to become an EduKick team member.


About EduKick Inc.
EduKick International Football Academies (EIFA)
The Leader in International Residential Football & Education Academies

Our Mission: To operate the world's leading international soccer/football and education academy boarding schools; building strong business relationships in a vibrant, creative and ethical international football environment. To teach, inspire and create the best technical footballers possible and create international students with inter-cultural competence (ICC) enabling them to compete in the modern competitive world.

Based in Toronto, Canada, EduKick Inc.'s (EIFA) world famous international football boarding schools were founded in 2001 by ex-professional American footballer Joey Bilotta to provide international soccer players football and education academy courses worldwide.

EduKick's website features a wide selection of top-of-the-line academic year (year-long) international football academies, month long football courses, professional club soccer trial program, and residential soccer camps with training provided by world-class football coaches, and teams from around the world. You want to be the best? Then you have to train with the best. EduKick has been the best for 10 years and running! There's one simple reason we have the best international football academies and residential soccer camps on the planet:


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