How to Register

How to Register for International Football Academies

Register online now!

PDF Registration Form!

Register by printing, completing, signing, scanning and returning the Registration Form (PDF) to EduKick by email.

Email or Mail us your EduKick Registration Form

Please print the 3-page "Application Form" (print PDF copy), complete fully, have both parent & player sign, then either scan and email back to EduKick. A copy of the player's passport photo page must be attached to this PDF Registration Form.

To complete your PDF Registration, a deposit payment is required.

Phone: 1+ (905) 631-9541

Mailing Address: 1184 Belleview Street Burlington, ON L7S 1C7 Canada

Wire Transfer

Please select "wire transfer" as your source of payment on the EduKick online registration form here. If you need further assistance, please contact us.

Tuition Payment Schedule

$200 Non-refundable "Registration Fee" due for all EduKick programs (in addition to tuition payment)

Payment #1

$499 USD for all summer camps, spring camps and "monthly" individual programs, 20% for custom "Team Tours", or 15% for year-long and half-year programs.

Payment #2

60% of remaining balance due 60 days prior to departure

Payment #3

Final payment of remaining balance due 30 days prior to departure

As simple as that!'ve joined the EduKick International Football Academy!

In each of EduKick's venues, participating players are received upon arrival in the host city airport by EduKick adult bilingual staff or private driver. EduKick secures player's flight itineraries and digital passport photos of all players prior to departure and then monitors the actual flight via the Internet.

EduKick can accommodate our younger traveling players with "Unaccompanied Minor" status by satisfying all specific airline requirements.

Feel free to all us to discuss in detail!

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