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Team Tours Overview

Welcome to EduKick's Team Tours Program

EduKick provides football tours for soccer clubs, college students, university teams, academy students and high school football teams to the most popular destinations world-wide. We personalize and organize all aspects of customized travel itinery for football teams of all measures. Since 2001, we have abided by and maitained our goal of bringing football teams to Europe to participate in the world's beautiful game while removing barriers of language, culture and geography.

edukick team tours overview
edukick team tours overview

Edukick Tours Feature:

  • Professional daily instruction by EduKick's affiliated professional coaches. Your team's coaches are encouraged to co-coach at the training sessions abroad. Collaboration in our training techniques, with other professionals, is a mainstay of our approach.
  • Top-level professional training facilities.
  • Organized official "friendly" matches, complete with licensed referees, quality fields and gyms, locker rooms, etc.
  • Attend a local Professional European match or tournament (optional).
  • Post game socials & intercultural exchange with opposing foreign youth clubs (when possible).
  • Daily language instruction by Travel Sport Camp's accredited, experienced and native instructors (optional).
  • Guided cultural excursions to places of significant historical and cultural importance in major cities where Travel Sport Camp operates.

Interested in a Trip of a Lifetime?

Highest quality international tours!

We customize every detail to match the specific requests of all football teams travelling with us. With many tour options to Europe, EduKick will put together an entertaining itinerary to fulfill your vision of the perfect European football tour!

edukick team tours overview
edukick team tours overview

Benefits of EduKick Team and Club Tours:

  1. Increase your club or team image.
  2. Recruit new players looking for the opportunity for team travel.
  3. Establish a cultural exchange relationship with foreign youth teams.
  4. Increased sponsorship & fundraising possibilities through team travel.
  5. Increase player's confidence and team morale.
  6. Expose your team to foreign culture and different styles of play.
  7. Gain match experience against foreign youth clubs.
  8. Increase team's conditioning by intense daily training and series of matches.
  9. Engage your players in foreign language study to make the trip even more meaningful.

EduKick team, club or football group tour (sample itinerary):

  1. Football team arrives at host country international airport and is greeted by host director. Bus transfers team to sports complex/residence in host city.  Reception party - greeted by EduKick personnel, host coaches, dignitaries, etc.
  2. Welcome orientation language level test and first language class (optional).
    Football training session and walking tour of host city.
  3. Morning training session & free day (shopping, visit city cultural sites, etc.)
  4. Morning and evening football training.
  5. Friendly competition with local football team or football club.
    Half day excursion to historical place of interest.
  6. Friendly competition with local team or club.
    Afternoon group social activity.
  7. Full day chaperoned excursion to place of historical/cultural interest.
  8. Morning and evening training sessions.
  9. Morning training session or optional free morning. Farewell party (music, dancing, food, speeches, etc.)
  10. Transfer to airport for departure.
edukick team tours overview
edukick team tours overview

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