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EduKick is the FIRST and the BEST. The ORIGINAL and most experienced Soccer & Education Boarding School company now in its 18th year of providing the soccer experience of a lifetime.

First started back in 2001, EduKick now has over a decade of experience operating safe, secure and nurturing academic year soccer schools to international student-footballers from across the globe. With nearly 800 videos posted on YOU TUBE of our eight Soccer Academy locations around the world, it's there for everyone to click and witness for themselves.


Since 2001, EduKick have been the leader in study abroad, football travel programs. Our Academies provide professional football training combined with quality foreign language instruction or academic program and chaperoned cultural excursions in order to maximize a young player's experience abroad.

EduKick programs are based on the philosophy that exposure to foreign language, culture and professional football training abroad will accelerate personal and athletic growth in young people.

Our programs provide a very unique experienc, a complete package of football training and language lessons or academic program that have a lasting and positive influence on the participating young player.

EduKick is committed to delivering the highest level of instruction, in a secure, safe, and nurturing environments.
International Football Academies are intensive football Training and Language Immersion or academic programs, typically designed for students aged 10 to 24.

The programs combine daily professional football training and daytime structured language classes, High School academics or sports science courses taught by highly qualified coaches and teachers with evening cultural activities and weekend trips to popular tourist attractions and historical destinations.

EduKick players live in the selected country and are totally immersed in its language and culture. In our academies all football training sessions, academic and language classes and social activities are conducted in the foreign language to maximize the youth's window of opportunity to acquire proficiency in the new language.
EduKick provides academic year football academy boarding schools in Spain, England, France, Germany, Italy, and Mexico with full-time educational options (ESL, EFL, BTEC Sports Science, Foreign Language Study, IGCSE and A-Level, and USA 8-12 Online Distance Learning).
EduKick Year Long Academy programs provide students with the following academic course options
  • Manchester, Engla nd: BTEC Diploma or certificate in Sport (Sports science course), IGCSE's, A-Levels, K12 USA Grade 9-12 & English language courses
  • Madrid, Spain: High School Grade 7-12 (Spanish language speaking school only), Spanish language courses and K12 USA Grade 9-12
  • Perugia, Italy: High School Grade 7-12 (Italian language speaking school only), Italian language courses and K12 USA Grade 9-12
  • Puerto Vallarta, Mexico: High School Grade 7-12 (Spanish language speaking school only), Spanish language courses and K12 USA Grade 9-12
Frequently Asked Football Academies Questions
Frequently Asked Football Academies Questions
We require that potential particpants have a number of years experience playing year round for a Club or School team. Telephone interviews of potential players are conducted if possible where players can be quickly qualified or players can send their Football resume by email or fax.
EduKick welcomes beginners into its international academies but recommends they prepare before arrival by taking basic conversational language classes while at home or purchase self study materials. It will help student athlets to adjust tremendously to their new environment if they learn just a little!
No, all High School study is conducted in the native tongue of the host country. It can be overwhelming at first but those students with good study habits can overcome the initial frustration of trying to study while learning a language and obtain good results at the end of the year.

EduKick provides initial additional language support and tutorials to each student in the early part of the program where necessary.
No. Student Athletes must obtain agreement with their current High School prior to departure that they will give credit for subjects that Student Athletes pass while studying abroad.

EduKick advises clients who are concerned about credit to consider surrounding the program with summer school or investigating the possibility of online study for key subjects.
Each country has it's own set of rules for accepting visitors/students. Please contact us by telephone or email and using our many years of experience we will provide you with advise regarding visa requirements depending on the specific country and Academy you would like to join.
At registration, EduKick cannot and does not promise anyone trials or professional contracts. The minimum guarantee is that student athlete will develop technical skills and tactical knowledge of the game which will make a significant difference when they return home at the end of their course. The nature of our programs and the close relationships we have in the professional game means each year a number of our players receive the opportunity to train or trial with a professional club. Players who develop and show potential at the discretion of our professional staff are selected to take part in trials/training with pro clubs!
Each academy provides different types of accommodation. Depending on which academy you join you could be accommodated in a residence facility or a local host family.
Hosts are selected by welfare officers and have police background checks conducted and are experienced dealing with youth through their employment (social workers, teachers, nurses, etc.).
Types of courses.
  1. Full Year Long courses - September - June (9 months).
  2. Half Year Long courses - January - June(6 months).
  3. Monthly courses are 4 weeks long
  4. Pro Trails (2-6 weeks)
Refer to each country page for course pricing.
Returning students may attain partial Scholarships.
All fees are required prior to attending an Academy. Upon registration a 15% deposit and $200 USD registration fee is required. 90 days prior to arrival a 60% payment is due and final payment due 30 days prior to arrival.
Register online or by downloading and returning completed registration form by fax or email.

Preferred method of payment is bank wire transfer (no admin fees). Credit card payments accepted (subject to 3% admin fee).
Players first arrive and they are evaluated over a period of 2-3 weeks, may be taken to try out with local teams and if accepted become part of the local team squad for evening training session 2-3 times a week and matches on weekends. Players will continue to train with EduKick 2-3 times a week.
Most program age limit is 16. EduKick UK Junior academy is 11-17.
Frequently Asked Football Academies Questions

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