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Posted Saturday, September 15, 2018

EduKick Madrid Football & High School

The EduKick Madrid Football & High School Program is one of Edukick’s signature Programs. It is a full academic year program (August through June) through which participants will be able to complete a full High School grade or a Spanish Language course from Alameda de Osuna High School, be part, for an entire season, of a Madrid local competitive football team and enjoy a full year of EduKick Madrid private technique development training sessions and personalized “Football Strength and Conditioning” training plans.
Participants will get the experience of living abroad in beautiful Madrid, Spain within a group of international players that share their football passion and also want to obtain quality academic studies, always under the strict supervision and guidance of the EduKick Madrid staff who will guide their efforts and help make the most of this “once in a lifetime” experience in Madrid.
The EduKick Madrid Football & High School Programs are equally focused on football development, education and developing intercultural competence
(ICC) by living in Spain. It is a learning experience that will boost participants overall potential, maturity and aspirations and will make them pursue their true dreams(both in football & professionally) with more commitment and determination and confidence.
EduKick Madrid staff are keenly aware of the challenges that our Academy presents to our players so they are fully committed to the overall education of each individual through our football development and
language immersion program.
Living, playing football and studying in Madrid, Spain as a teenager or young adult represents an enormous challenge for both the participant and the educators. From the participant courage, effort and character is required to succeed. From the staff, it demands professional guidance, supervision, mentorship and expertise in order to provide the required level of service to our young student-players.






Dates & Fees

EduKick Madrid player Davide Somma was a 1st team member of the English Championship club Leeds United FC.

EduKick assisted Davide to obtain trials in Spain and Italy after his program in Madrid ended. He signed his first professional contract with Perugia in Italy, then with the San Jose Earthquakes and later in England.

"Thank you EduKick" - Davide Somma, South African International

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Spain Football Player Successes

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Location, Accommodations, and Safety

EduKick Soccer Academies distinguishes itself with its commitment to safety, security and supervision. Located in a well-to-do neighborhood in the North East of Madrid, Spain.


Alemeda de Osuna, Spain.

Alameda de Osuna, Madrid is well-to-do neighborhood in the North East of Madrid, Spain. It is located close to Real Madrid training facilities, IFEMA, Parque Juan Carlos I, and just next to the beautiful and famous, Parque el Capricho.
EduKick Madrid home training facilities for all male participants are held at our private training grounds attached to the EduKick Madrid Resident complex. For the evening training sessions (3 per week) with the local Spanish club team, EduKick Madrid boys will train at the stadium complex of our affiliated Spanish Futbol Club, CD Canillas, located in the Hortaleza district. While all female participants will train and play with affiliated Female Club, MADRID CFF ( the Estadio Municipal de Deportes Luis Aragones also located in the Hortaleza district.
Posted Tuesday, September 1, 2018


Madrid apartments

All Edukick players get single room accommodation on shared apartments. Apartments are equipped with a full kitchen, washing/drying machines, wifi, and security.

Safety, Security, & Supervision

A safe family environment ideal for our players.
“El Capricho” is a quiet neighbourhoud away from the city hussle but still with an excellent public transport connection to the city centre.
EduKick Football Academies distinguishes itself with its commitment to safety, security and supervision. Football Academies’ students have adult monitors/mentors assigned to them as part of the program for continual service, supervision and mentorship. EduKick Soccer Academies participant events and activities are also carefully monitored and supervised. EduKick Soccer Academies Program rules and regulations are designed to ensure the safety and security of our soccer player participants (i.e. curfews, permission to exit regulations, etc). All soccer player participants are required to carry personal health insurance. During our technical training sessions we have on-site non-emergency medical trainers and personnel who can provide basic athletic-injury care and support. EduKick Soccer Academies is committed to establishing an atmosphere that is safe and nurturing for our participants. We believe that after these basic needs are met for both our foreign and domestic student athletes, an environment conducive to learning a new language and soccer training is made comfortable and effective.


Our affilliation with Colegio Alameda High School and International House Spanish Language provides a solid formal education for our student athletes.
Players can either follow High School studies (mandatory for U16 year old players) or focus on learning the Spanish language.

International House Madrid

Spanish Football and Education Academy

Alameda De Osuna

Spain High School

Alameda De Osuna






13:55 - 15:15

15:20 - 17:00





Wake up Breakfast


Edukick Training (Wed. High School)

High School


High School

Study Time - Local Team Training - Gym


Lights Out Team Training

International House

Spanish Language

Spanish Language Study is the main option for EdukickSpain over 16 year old participants. Taught at International House Language School (IH), Edukick players will enroll on an intensive course adapted to their level of Spanish. IH methodology is based on real communication, and is taught by native teachers in continuing professional development.
EdukickSpain recommends players to enroll for the DELE examination taking place on May each year. It is a smart way of clossing up the Year Long program and a world wide recognized way to credit the Spanish level acquired.

Educating in Values

Edukick Spain aims to facilitate players matureness providing the ground work for players to develop solid personalities.
We focus on developing the person behind the player forming young adults ready to pursue their life goals.


Explore your true potential.
"Don't measure yourself by what you have accomplished, but by what you should have accomplished with your ability."

Posted Tuesday, September 1, 2018

Game Values

Learning from the game.
"Sports creates a bond between contemporaries that lasts a lifetime. It also gives your life structure, discipline and a genuine, sincere"

Posted Tuesday, September 1, 2018


Raising the level of your game.

“Excellence is not a singular act but a habit. You are what you do repeatedly.”
Posted Tuesday, September 1, 2018

Communication and Reporting

Language progress reports
EduKick International Soccer Academies prides itself on excellent communication and reporting.
All of our participants are provided with language progress reports. EduKick Madrid Year-long EduKick International Soccer Academies student-athletes will receive six (6) technical soccer evaluation reports and six (6) academic reports (from the affiliated educational institution) throughout the duration of the academic year course. EduKick International Soccer Academies also provides periodic behavioral/social updates from our Directors in the field. These reports are designed to serve as “updates” on general group activities, excursions, special events and any particular issues that may have transpired. The reports are often accompanied by digital photos or video clips that are emailed to parents for their review and enjoyment.
Posted Tuesday, September 1, 2018

Javier Mallo

Technical Director & Football Coach

Javier Martin

Head Coach

Madrid Football Academy

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Spain Training Session

Madrid High School
The Core of EdukickSpain Programs relies in the exclusive Football training sessions that players enjoy 4 times per week.
This training sessions under the guidance of EdukickSpain qualified coaching team are an unique oportunity for players to develop their football technique and acquire the capacity to play at a higher speed on a higher level.
Posted Tuesday, September 1, 2018

Local Team Placement

Madrid High School
All EdukickSpain players are placed upon a spanish local team for an additional 2 or 3 training sessions per week.
Training for a spanish local team gives players the chance to completely inmerse in the spanish training system training among other local football players. international house madrid edukick england football academy determination

Football Matches

Play against Spanish teams!
EdukickSpain players get the chance to play throughout the season on a competetive U18 7vs7 football league against other spanish football teams.
Posted Tuesday, September 1, 2018

Strength Building Programs

Develop football specific strengths.
EdukickSpain players receive Football Specific Strength & Conditioning training plans for an additional 2/3 GYM sessions per week.
All EdukickSpain players receive full access to Spacio Deportivo El Capricho GYM & SPA facilities where they can follow the Strength plans and recover from trainings at TOP facilities.

Professional Football

Attend professional football games and training sessions!
Living in Madrid constitutes a unique oportunity to watch live some of the best football teams in the world.
“We dont miss this opportunity and every season we attend”
Posted Tuesday, September 14, 2018

Registration Includes


Not Included:

Who May Participate?

Attention Competitive Football Players
Can you participate?
Competitive footballers from 16 years of age are welcome to register!
Posted Tuesday, September 1, 2018

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Madrid, Spain

Sep 27, 2018 to 7th June 7, 2019
Academic Full Year (Aug. – Jun.)
Academic Half-Full Year (Jan. – Jun.) $36.990 USD

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