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Spanish Football Education Academy
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Pennsylvania, USA
USA Football Education Academy
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Soccer Life Coach

EduKick Founder & former pro footballer, Joey Bilotta offers his SOCCER LIFE COACH services for FREE to all EDUKICK academy soccer players!


World Ambassador

Former EduKick International Academy Footballer Davide Somma, (Former South Africa International & Leeds United Star) is the EduKick International Football Academies (EIFA) WORLD AMBASSADOR.

Best Athletes

Connect with soccer coaches, develop as a footballer and get scouted for FREE with EDUKICK affiliate BEST ATHLETES!
Access via your desktop or mobile – Take control of your FOOTBALL future!

Edukick Story

We were the first and are the most experienced privately established Football and Education Academies Company since 2001. Our institutional motto “Football is Education” explains it all.

Edukick Alumni

EduKick International Football Academies (EIFA) announced update of their academy alumni most talented footballers that are landing at different levels in professional football leagues around the world.

EduKick UK Junior Football Boarding School

International Footballers ages 11-18 years!

Offering GCSE, A-Level, and International Baccalaureate (IB)

The First Football Academy

…And the best football academy!

 Established international football icons such as France National Team Coach Michel Hidalgo, Spain National Team Coach Luis Aragones, Belgian’s champions Anderlecht, Standard Liege, and Dutch National Team player Arie Haan, Perugia, Italy’s Bruno Redolfi, Barclay’s English Premier League’s Manchester Football Club, England National Team, AC Milan, Real Madrid player, and MLS champions LA Galaxy’s David Beckham, and Colombia Assistant National Team Coach Leonel Alvarez all support EduKick’s “Football and Education” philosophy. EIFA – EduKick International Football Academies.

We were the first and are the most experienced privately established Football and Education Academies Company since 2001. Our institutional motto “Football is Education” explains it all. We teach character building using football as the vehicle to teach invaluable life lessons. Here’s how to become an EduKick team member.

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Parental and Player

 Our parental communication and reporting is a key feature of our participant’s success. Parents are constantly updated on their son or daughter’s development and progress.

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Safety and Supervision

Football Academy Safety Leaders

 Safety and supervision is our highest priority. We provide a dedicated full-time Welfare Officer who is available to support our participant’s needs, care and attention 24 hour day for the duration of their course.

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Exposure to Pro Clubs

Unique affiliations with professional club scouts

 Integrity is very important to us at EduKick so we do not promise trials with professional clubs in exchange for simply registering for one of our programs. Our program venues and staff are strategically selected to provide each participant with the exposure needed for them to hopefully obtain a trial with a club. Professional club scouts & youth coaches are often present at EduKick Academy matches, we have unique alignments and affiliations with professional clubs in each of our venues and in some venues all participants are prepared for and entered into well-respected and ethically minded national soccer scouting open trial events approved by us.

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Highly Structured Football Training

UEFA professional football coaches

 All of our programs follow a highly structured football training syllabus identical to professional club youth academies. The programs are delivered by highly qualified UEFA professional football coaches with many years of experience working with youth players.

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We prepare participants

 We prepare our participants for the demands of Twenty First Century Education in a flexible curriculum that allows daily football training and study to function together. As well as Language immersion study courses we offer British system GCSE & A-Level study, USA Grade 912 High School study and BTEC Diplomas in Sports performance.

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Intercultural Competence

A key element in selecting our venues

 Intercultural competence is very important to us and a key element in selecting our venues. It is important for us that our participants take away a lot more than just football development and education. We educate our participants to have empathy and an understanding of the behaviours and thinking of the people of their host country so we encourage them to become part of the local community and to immerse themself in the local culture.

Gain an Edge!

 Train with international players. Set yourself apart while you learn another language and immerse yourself in another culture. And get this, the best part of the program, while focusing on and playing football!

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Full package of services

 We pride ourselves in providing a full package of services inside our tuition fees. We include accommodation; food, local transport, medical insurance, training kit, academics, football training, matches, welfare, supervision and airport pick up/drop off.

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Key to successful development

 Mentorship is a key to successful development on and off the pitch so careful consideration is given when selecting our staff. All our staff are excellent role models sharing their experiences with our participants. Our staff build relationships with our participants based upon trust and act as great sounding boards and provide a new perspective to our participants when they feel it is necessary.

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Since 2001

The first and best football academy!

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Academies Dates and Fees

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Why Parents Approve

EduKick assists parents through the football academies registration process.

Acquiring a Visa

In addition to a current, valid PASSPORT, most EIFA academy student-players will require a STUDENT VISA in order to attend one of our international academic year football academies. The good news is that at EIFA we have over 10 years experience in assisting our participants to secure Student Visas! We provide all the legal documents and invitation letters that are required to support the Visa application. We also provide regular email and telephone SUPPORT as needed and apply our expertise and experience to ensure that EIFA academy players are able to secure the appropriate VISA (allowing them entry into the desired EIFA academy).

Enrolling in a Foreign School

Enrolling in a foreign school can be an intimidating thought for some soccer parents but rest assured that since 2001, EduKick has facilitated hundreds of international student-soccer players studying abroad. We have affiliated educational institution partners in each of our venues worldwide that accept, enroll and issue documents required for VISA applications for our student-footballers. The school application procedure is completely overseen by our head office and our parent clients are given continual support and guidance throughout the entire registration and Visa process.

Learning the Language

EduKick International Football Academies wisely makes language learning a core value of its soccer & education academies around the world. We believe that learning the language of the EduKick country you attend, and becoming inter-culturally competent there, will change a young soccer player’s life forever. Through our affiliated language institutions abroad, we offer several intensive language study options in each of our soccer academy venues worldwide. We believe that becoming bi-lingual while pursuing your football dreams is fantastic use of a young person’s time.

Safety, Supervision and Insurance

EduKick is the safety leader in International Residential Football & Education Academies, safety and supervision is our highest priority. We provide a dedicated full-time Welfare Officers available to support our participant’s needs, care and attention 24 hour day for the duration of their course. Insurance: EduKick is not responsible for events out of its control during any of its Programs which include, but are not limited to, instances of theft, burglary, assault, injury, loss of property, medical emergencies or other medical needs, acts of terrorism, Acts of God, or any other risks which arise as a result of traveling abroad. Accordingly, Parent agrees to procure on behalf of Participant, personal insurance necessary to cover all costs incurred by Participant in the Program. Parent agrees to provide EduKick with evidence of said insurance 30 days prior to Participant’s departure for the host country of the Program.

Player's Rules of Conduct

Participant Code of Conduct

 Participants in EduKick Programs are expected to respect the local people and customs of the host country in which they are visiting. Participants are subject to local laws, standards of living, and all that comes with living in a foreign country. Participants may also be subject to the rules and regulations set forth by the host institution.

Participant Responsibility
  1. Participants are responsible for understanding issues related to the legal, cultural, safety, health, political, and religious issues of their host country.
  2. Participants are responsible for themselves while traveling abroad and are expected to respect local people, customs, property, laws, and all other aspects of life in the host country.

It is not possible for EduKick or its partners to be solely responsible for the Participant’s security while abroad. 

EduKick Travel Check List

  1. Current Passport with Student Visa Stamp
  2. Copy of Passport & Birth Certificate
  3. Return Plane ticket
  4. All original school enrollment documents and host family details
  5. ATM CARD or Travel Money Card
  6. Health Insurance Card & Policy Info
  7. Notebooks,Journal & Writing Utensils
  8. Laptop Computer-Wi-Fi available
  9. Language Dictionary & Learning CD
  10. Camera (optional)
  11. Football Boots, guards, general gear
  12. Swimsuit/2-3 Bathing Towels
  13. Casual wear slacks, jeans, dress shirts, shorts, tee-shirts, etc
  14. One or two nice outfits for social activities
  15. Winter Wear Shoes, Heavy Jacket, Sweaters, Hat, Gloves, etc
  16. Personal toiletries: tooth brush/paste, deodorant, comb, after shave
  17. Alarm Clock
  18. Medication for any existing medical conditions (please ensure that the course leader, coaches and host family are aware of these)
  19. List of personal contacts back home (emails/addresses/telephone numbers)

Free Football Advice

EduKick is happy to help with any questions and concerns regarding international fooball academies or anything “football” in general. Complete this form, and an EduKick agent will review and get back with you if necessary.

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